製品番号 : 18900-FK7-000
価格(税込) : 275,000円
適応車種 : CIVIC FK
適応型式 : DBA-FK7 6MT, 6BA-FK7 6MT
販売単位 : pcs
エンジンタイプ : L15C
SPOONでは、10th CIVIC 1.5TURBO に搭載されているL15エンジンの持つ高次元のポテンシャルに着目し、HONDATAとパートナーシップを結びECUセッティングを進めCIVICを進化させてきました。
すでに昨年、SPOON FK7デモカーのサーキットアタックにおいてはノーマルのFK8 TYPE Rのラップタイムを上回ることに成功しましたが、エンジンフィールに関して言えば高出力のK20Cエンジンを凌ぐにはまだまだ絶対的なパワーとトルク不足を感じていました。
ターボチャージャーは、厳しい燃費基準や排ガス規制に対応するため急激に技術が進化しており多くのマニュファクチャラーが存在します。その中から私たちは、高い技術力を持ち高次元の技術を投入できる最新鋭のMHI製ターボを採用し、数か月の開発期間を経て、高回転域の出力と中低速のトルク向上を得られるBIG TURBOCHARGER KITを開発しました。
STD 23.25Kgm  SPOON TURBO 42.17Kgm
STD 166.38ps  SPOON TURBO 274.73ps
Hondata Flashproを使用し現車セッティングを行うことで、ノーマル比出力約108ps,トルク19Kgmアップが可能。

SPOON has been working on the 10th generation CIVIC in partnership with HONDATA, focusing on 1.5 turbocharged L15 engine.

Last year in testing at the Time Attack, our FK7 demonstration car with updated ECU settings, was able to better the standard FK8 TYPE R lap time. However, it felt like it was not enough power and torque to outpace the higher horsepower K20C engine.

Analysis of the HONDATA ecu logs, show that the increased boost pressure and power output results in higher exhaust temperature and pressure, this eventually makes the turbocharger reach its maximum capacity.

As the fuel system of the L15C engine has sufficient capacity, we decided that it is possible to further improve the output by developing an all-new large capacity turbocharger capable of producing more boost pressure.

Turbocharger technology has rapidly evolved to meet strict fuel consumption standards, exhaust gas regulations and there are many manufacturers.

With this in mind we decided to pick the newest and the most beneficial turbocharger from MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), known for its advanced technologies.

After several months of development, we have finalized the BIG TURBO CHARGER KIT. The result is increased high rpm range output and improved medium to low torque.

The housing has the same shape with the original turbocharger; therefore, it does not require any additional parts to install, just bolt it on and it’s ready.

The new SPOON BIG TURBO CHARGER KIT features: larger compressor and turbine wheels, changes to the number of blades on the turbine wheel and optimized design to improve efficiency.

SPOON TURBO 42.17Kgm (305 ft lb)
SPOON TURBO 274.73ps (221.65hp)
SPOON FK7 demonstration car

When Used together with Hondata FlashPro, (not included) this can increase torque by 19Kgm (137 ft lb) and power by 108ps (106 hp) over stock.
Caution! Higher capacity clutch required.