製品番号 : 18900-FK8-000
価格(税込) : 363,000円
適応車種 : CIVIC FK
適応型式 : DBA-FK8, 6BA-FK8
販売単位 : pcs
エンジンタイプ : K20C
私たちは、CIVIC TYPE R FK8の発売当初より、K20Cターボエンジンが備え持つ高次元のポテンシャルに着目し、さらなるエンジンパフォーマンスの向上を目標にHONDATA FlashProでのECU解析とセッティングを進めてきました。

ブースト、点火時期、燃調などECUの最適化のみで、十分な安全マージンを確保しつつもノーマル比約40psの出力向上は達成されましたが、 さらなる中低速域のトルクと高速域の出力を向上させるため、大容量ターボチャージャーの開発に着手しました。




Engine Power STD 302.84ps  SPOON TURBO 410.02ps
Engine Torque STD 40.24Kgm  SPOON TURBO 55.48Kgm

SPOON N1マフラー、SPOONエアクリーナー、【Hondata】Fuel System Upgrade 、インタークーラー、触媒ストレート装着と現車セッティングを行うことで、ノーマル比出力約100ps,トルク15Kgmアップが可能。

Ever since the launch of CIVIC TYPE R FK8, we have been focusing on the K20C turbo engine potential. The ECU analysis has been done and settings changed multiple times with the goal of further improving engine performance.

Just optimizing the ECU settings, while of course ensuring the safety margin, for boost, ignition timing and fuel adjustment, has improved the output by about 40ps compared to stock. The further need to improve the middle to low speed range torque and high-speed output has led us to developing this high-capacity turbocharger.

This turbocharger is using the latest highly efficient MHI turbo that supplies genuine FK8 one. The latest CFD analysis technology helped optimizing the compressor shape and turbine blades. Along with the increased diameter it resulted in higher output without sacrificing the medium to low-speed torque.
Additionally, the same housing with the genuine turbine allows you to make the replacement easy and fast (bolt-on).

The shape of the compressor and the number of blades have been optimized, high flow rate and high boost achieved by increasing the genuine 58Φ diameter to 65Φ.

The blade shape and the number of turbine wheels have also been enhanced and diameter modified from 47Φ to 52Φ. The suppressed moment of inertia and increased capacity reduced exhaust pressure and improved the response.

Engine Power STD 302.84ps  SPOON TURBO 410.02ps
Engine Torque STD 40.24Kgm  SPOON TURBO 55.48Kgm

SPOON demonstration car comparison data
SPOON N1 Muffler, SPOON Air Cleaner, 【Hondata】Fuel System Upgrade , intercooler, and downpipe installed along with modified settings allow to increase the output by 100ps and torque by 15Kgm.

High-capacity clutch required.
Since sufficient fuel supply is difficult to reach with normal fuel system, Hondata Fuel System install is required to provide the increased output (injector, increased fuel capacity and software upgrade included. Fuel supply amount increased by 24% compared to stock).
高出力化にあたりノーマルのフューエルシステムでは十分な燃料供給を確保することが難しい為、 【Hondata】Fuel System Upgrade( 37823-FK8-000)の装着が必要となります。(インジェクター、フューエルポンプの大容量化、ソフトウェアのアップグレードが含まれます。装着により燃料供給量をノーマル比24%向上。)